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Brian grew up in the RV community. He spent much of his career in various fields, but came back to his true passion of writing and the RV lifestyle. As a full-time RVer, he’s been writing about all sides of the industry for years. He enjoys what he does and his clients see it in the quality writing he provides them.

His skills in SEO and other algorithmic-enhanced writing combines well with his Literature degree. His MBA hones his mind to those business-oriented factors that will set your copy well above your competition. Brian uses his real-world experience to draw your readers to relatable perspectives instead of drawing theoretical conclusions.

When you ride along with the Open Road Writer, you gain the advantage of experience, education, and enthusiasm. Contact him today to discuss your copy needs.

Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Floorplans are Dominating the RV Industry

Since their inception, bunkhouse and bunk bed travel trailers have been the biggest selling RVs on the market for the past 20 years. These family-friendly RVs make the camping experience fun for the whole family. We’ll show you how dynamic they are by presenting you with five great examples of bunkhouse floorplans in many RVContinue reading “Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Floorplans are Dominating the RV Industry”

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